Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pro Photography Show #8 ( Guest Liana Lehman )

Pro Photography Show #8
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Show Notes...
Well this week we had a great interview with photographer Liana Lehman.
The show was longer than usual, because there were so many neat things to talk about. First is Liana's website at We also talked about her upcoming Xtreme workshop, and you can hear more about that at

In the discussion of workflow I mentioned some cool things I use including Auto Loader for cycling my edit image thru photoshop in a fast efficient manner, X-keys, and of course all the time saving tips I get from the OSP photography forum. That should pretty much cover it for the links this week.

Don't forget do give us a rating on itunes, or a vote in podcast alley if you get a chance. I would also like to thank Liana again for coming on the show. I had a great time...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gavin, I am an advanced amateur photographer. I have really grown to love photograhy. I enjoy listening to your show during one of my gym workouts each week. I find your emphasis on service inspirational to my business which relates to computers.

Dave McIntosh