Thursday, October 19, 2006

Pro Photography Show #7 ( Future of pro photography)

Pro Photography Show #7
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Show Notes...

This week I babbled a whole lot about some ideas about the future for us photographers. I still think it's a good topic however, because I think we need to keep ourselves thinking, and working to be better photographers, and to learn more more more...

I was also talking about the tireless war of film vs digital, and you can check out this article about some comparisons of that here. It's not completely recent, but still has some interesting information.

During my long topic on the future of our jobs, and motioned our business scaling to meet the changes, and read a few lines from an article about scaling by Tim Sanders, so check out his blog if you would like to read more about that.

Not a whole lot for links this week, but I hope you liked the show, and are looking forward to the next one...


Mike said...

Hey Gavin, this is cool. I didnt know you did these info segments. I am going to have to go back and listen to all of them now! ++

James Federico said...

Gavin you are right on the money with this (big companies and such) at least in my mind. Customer Service and good photos will always win over the couple. If you don't have both you have a pissed of bride and groom that might like the photos but never forget the bad service. They won't recommend that big company. We don't need to worry.

GreyGoose said...

Hello, I started to listen to you show last week, and am going through your past casts. I think your show is valuable to me. I am a digital artist, and have just finished my first year supporting a photographer, developing his model and still shots. I am thinking about getting an slr. I am also trying to help my friend break into a better set of gigs and increase my knowledge. I have videography experience and had discounted photo lighting and techniques and simple. I now feel that photography experience is invaluable to video.
As for you podcast quality. You have an easy way which is essential. Do not apologize for your passion. Just qualify it. My favorite podcast is the maccast. I feel Adam does a good job and seems to have a little better feel for sound and presentation. However this aside please do not even consider stopping what you are doing. This podcast 7 answered some questions I had about quality and survivability. I notice most of the advertised photographers in my state are rather cheezy and low priced. One wonders why they are in business? You answered my questions well.
When I start with a video customer I sometimes recommend a voice coach. Anything to give confidence. I assume you might have a writer. Writers are good. They give you angles you don't think of! Also outside consultants are good and hob nobbing with other podcasters. Remember when podcasting you are about sound which has a different frequency than light; but is related.

Anyway I am looking forward to an ongoing dialog with your show. Please keep it up!

Noah said...

Hey Gavin,
I'm a new listener and new Professional, and I just wanted to say hey. Great show!
I'm on flickr at