Friday, October 13, 2006

The Professional Photography Show #6

Pro Photography Show #6
The show for photographers, by photographers -
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Show notes...

Lensbabies has a new lens out for your lensbabies lovers

Alien Bee's is about to realease a new ringlight style strobe, it's not on the site yet, but they are taking some pre orders, and you can request a pdf info sheet by emailing them.

Other thanthat we pretty much just talked about some ideas in dealing with client's, and I also mentioned a fresh idea ragarding marketing on myspace and we'll talk about that more in a future show.

Sorry about not including the voicmail number in the show, I did not catch it till it was to late, You can feel free to leave a comment at 206-666-2074

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Julie Walton Shaver said...

Thanks, Gavin, for all the great tips. Now how can I get my husband to your site so he can see that I want an iPod for Christmas? I could listen to your pod cast on the way to work and never miss my OSP addiction! Thanks so much,