Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Professional Photography Show #4

Pro Photography Show #4
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Show Notes...

Here we are with our fourth show wrapped up. Wow it's coming along, and I hope everyone in enjoying the show. Anyway here's links to stuff we talked about this week.

First we mentioned an up and coming interveiw with Alien Skin Software, and we'll mention more details very soon.

The big topic this week was workflow, with photoshop actions, and how they can help us be better at what we do. I mentioned my favorite commercially available action sets from Kevin Kubota, as well as Craigs Actions. Both have some really great actions, and I suggest checking them out. I also mentined free free actions from the Adobe Studio Exchange, and that's a great place to share you actions, and get new ones.

I also mentioned using my Xkeys keyboard in my workflow, and how much it helped me... So what are you waiting for? Go check this stuff out. Oh and on the way drop your vote for the show in Podcast Alley, or give a review on itunes.

Have a great week... Gavin Seim

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