Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Pro Photographer Show Episode #1

Pro Photographer Show #1
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Show Notes...
This is sort of the intro show, so theres not a ton of discussion going on, but we do have a few notes on things we talked about on the show. First we talked about ideas in photo presentation for our clients, and methods of getting our work to look great for our customers.
I mentioned the philips 7" digital photo frame, which seems to be a really neat product.
I'll give a full review once I get one in my hands, but in the meantine you can check in out here

We also talked about gps navigation, for getting to our photo shoots. I know I didn't review specific items, but here is a link to a review on some models that pc world mag did.

Theres not a whole lot more to talk about here, but remember to send emails/audio comments to You can also visit my website at
Talk to you soon... Gavin Seim

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gavin,

I enjoyed most of the podcast, but I think you are misleading people about the style of 'photojournalism'. Journalists do not take a boring situation and create something fun by telling people to do something (even little kids). As a photojournalist your job should be to stay completely out of the way and catch the moments that happen. Not create them. I think this is one of the reasons new photographers think they are true photojournalists when they aren't. The greatest wedding photojournalists can take a so called 'boring' wedding and make beautiful, emotional images from it. If you call yourself a photojournalist you should in no way manipulate the situation. The only exception is during fromal portrait time when it is your job to direct, but that's it.