Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Pro Photographer Show Episode #2

Pro Photographer Show #2
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Show Notes...
This week on the Pro Photographer Show, we're talking about all sorts of things.
First as I mention throughout the show, we want your input, as well as paticipation on the show. As photographers it is all of us who will make the pro photo show great.

In news and equipment there was not much discussed this week, but I did metion the Canon Rebel Xti because it has some great specs for the price range, even though it's not a pro body.
You can check that out here on Canon's website.

Mainly what we discussed was backup plans, and needs, as well as some ideas ragrding putting ENERGY into our photography work. Be enthusiastic! There's not much more to post here in the notes, as you should get all you need from the podcast. Please aim your feedback, and comments to

Have a great week, and keep shooting... Gavin Seim

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Tom said...

You mentioned RAID as a storage option, but you don't have to buy an external RAID box. The Mac will take your two external drives and configure them. You want RAID 1, which is mirroring, similar to what you achieve with sync.