Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Pro Photographer Show Episode #3

Pro Photographer Show #3
The show for photographers, by photographers -

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Show Notes...
We talked today about joining some new photography forums. First mentioned was Open Source Photo, an that is a free forum. Then Pro Photo Home, and you can become a member there for a fairly low cost. Next discussed was, where you can not only find a forum, but also lots of great reviews and comments about equipmemt you may be looking at purchasing etc. I also mentioned the digital image cafe, and there you can post photo's for crituiqe, enter contests, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Other than that we talked about ideas for taking charge, and presenting yourself professional, and confident to your client, but we don't really have many noted here exepct a link to, where you can get a great deal on full color bussiness cards to add quality to your pro image. With that I will say, hope you enjoyed the show, and I'll catch ya next week.


Anonymous said...

What did you say the site was that you have your clients pick the prints they want to order?

matt said...

Gavin - I just found your podcast and have listened through the first three episodes.

Thank you for creating this show. I really enjoy hearing how you work, the issues you face and some of the more practical points of being a pro photographer.

I'm an aspiring pro, though still very amateur. I look forward to hearing more of the show.