Friday, November 10, 2006

PPS Episode #10 Guest ~ Brady Dillsworth

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Anonymous said...

Gavin, I really like your show, but please do one thing at a time and finish it, before going to the next item on the agenda. Introduce yourself, read the email, respond to the email, start the interview, etc. Right now you introduce yourself, start the interview, interrupt the interview for email, go back to the interview, respond to the email, go back to the interview, etc. It gives the show a nervous, unfocused feeling, and it makes the guest have to listen to a lot of stuff he/she has no direct interest in. Please, do one thing at a time.

George vivanco said...

The show with Neil, was so bad for the first 18 min I could not listen. I fast fowared tell he started talking about his lighting. You were all over the place. I think you shoud do the new at the end of the show. Start the interview first and let your guess do more of the talking. I do enjoy the show. If you back and listen to the interview with Brady, that was a great interview. Also am glad your getting a new microphone, because the one you have should be burned. Any way keep up the good work and I think your show will do well.