Monday, February 28, 2011

Pro Photo Podcast #75RT, Lots of photo tips and other stuff.

Pro Photo Show Podcast #75 - Lots of photo tips and other stuff.

Pro Photo Show is a podcast for serious photographers. Going in depth on technique, business and photography news.


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Desiree said...

Hi, I just listened to this podcast, and at the end, you guys were talking about where you see the client in...they don't care about quality. I do a fair amount of newborn photography, and I find it frustrating that people see all these photos of other people's baby's in fb, with cute hats, and want that. To me all those photos look the same. So now I'm busy trying to make props that the clients want, AND I'm trying to do some things that are new, that you don't see out there, because I want to be different. It's been interesting, and sometimes frustrating. I've been studying photography on my own for two years now. I am getting so much better, but still have a long way to go. I like listening to you Gavin because you encourage people to branch out and be different. So many photographers, especially new ones think that different is bad.