Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pro Photography Podcast #50 ~ Suprassing Expectations

Pro Photo Show Podcast #50
The Show for photographers by photographers. Online at www.prophotoshow.net

podcast subscription feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/prophotoshow
email = prophotoshow@gmail.com
Skype = theprophotoguy

For show notes, news and forums visit the PPS Website - www.prophotoshow.net

PPS is a Seim Studios broadcast. Gavin Seim Photography, and Seim Effects photoshop actions and lightoom presets

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Adam Merrifield said...

Just a note on DRM; you say that people have paid for the software... correction, people have paid for the right to use a copy of the software. This is the distinction that people get wrong all the time.

When you pay your admission to the Louvre, you've paid for the right to view the works of art there. When you leave and come back the next day, you have to pay again. Your admission doesn't buy you the right to take the Mona Lisa home, hang it on any wall you like, make copies for your friends.

I don't advocate DRM, it just urks me that the public perception is that they bought the movie/music/software/etc... I don't have the 100's of thousands of dollars that it cost to make the software, or the millions of dollars it cost to make the movie... therefor I am only buying the right to USE it not OWN it.