Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photography Roundtable #4 Cool Photo Gadgets for 2007

Photography Roundtable #4 - PPS#39 Cool Photo Gadgets for 2007
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PPS is a Seim Productions broadcast. Gavin Seim Photography, and Seim Effects Photo Tools actions and presets

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Tim Murphy said...

Here is something to put in your "Apple is so great" pipe and smoke it.

Ok, so I just thought it would be funny to say that. You can have your Mac, I just couldn't ever make a living as a developer on a Mac. So for better or worse I am going to stick with the machine that pays the bills and you can use the one that pays your bills.

Seriously though Gavin, it is interesting to listen to how people live on the other side of the religous divide. Keep puting out the great content.